Ikelite 200DLM/A for Canon M6ii

Shooting from the shore with a telephoto lens can capture some amazing shots but feels somewhat disconnected from the action, and while I want to be the one riding the wave, shooting from the water seemed like a melding of sorts where I could still hang in the water with friends.

Previously my in water shooting had been relegated to my GoPro Hero 9, which while a great action camera, doesn’t quite cut the quality of a proper camera and a good lens. Enter the Ikelite DLM/A for Canon M6ii, and while Adorama took nearly 6 months to get all of the pieces to me, it is already winning me over. Pro tip, just order directly from Ikelite now suck it up and pay the shipping, trust me it beats a retailer placing the order with Ikelite and then waiting for them to receive it to ship it to you, wasn’t worth what I thought I was saving.

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