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//Underwater with the Ikelite 200DLM/A

Underwater with the Ikelite 200DLM/A

There tends to be a lot more that goes into getting an underwater rig up and running than one initially realizes. When I initially decided to take the plunge, I was in for a bit of a surprise, and a long list of lessons. My go to action and adventure camera was the Canon M6 mark ii due to it’s competent capabilities, nearly pocketable size, and it’s pairing with some decent aftermarket ef-m lenses.

Because of the camera model, my decision had already been paired down a bit. Both SeaFrogs HK and Ikelite make underwater housings that fit the Canon M6 mark ii. While the Ikelite was noticeably a bit more expensive when kitted out with all the requisite accessories than the SeaFrogs, I fell back on a tried and true adage that I follow, “Buy nice or buy twice.”

I like that the back door of the Ikelite allows for a visual confirmation of the seal, and the overall build quality of the housing. Since surf photography occurs in the impact zone it is crucial to have a housing that is built solidly.

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